Youtube Etiquette and How You Should Be Using It

Marketing for YouTube takes a lot of work and research. A lot goes into tracking the most popular videos that are trending right now on a daily basis. Here a little look at what goes on when the marketing takes place.


A lot of what goes into marketing is advertising. Whether its through views or shares or conversations, that’s how videos become a phenomenon on YouTube. You always want to target a certain audience for certain videos and what’s hot and trending on the web today. Fact, 15% of all YouTube videos are related to gaming. Such games as Minecraft and Pewdiepie hold the top spots. Nearly twice as much engagement as any other topic.


There is an average of 72 hours of videos being uploaded every minute to YouTube. It is the #2 search engine in the world for videos. We are constantly evolving and trying to find ways to improve our site. When trying to market your product on YouTube be creative, think of the audience your trying to attract. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve never uploaded a video before, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or anything just need to know the basics.


It has been proven that viewers decide in the first 15 seconds of watching a video if they are going to continue watching or not. So you need to make sure your engaging the viewers. You can do that easily by gaining there trust and maybe starting out with an animation. Spark some interest and create curiosity to keep them intrigued which will make them want to stick around to the end.


The Key to a successful marketing campaign even on YouTube is creating clear actions. Try to use the beginning, middle and end of your video to direct the actions of your viewers. Having too many things going on at once or too many prompts can create confusion and loose the interest of the viewer. Always keep the viewer interacting through asking questions that they can comment on or by asking what they’d like to see from future videos ect. Consistently updating your video or channel feed keeps viewers coming back. At a minimum you should shoot for one new video a week at first and more as time goes on if successful.


All in all this is a good source of information and I definitely agree that it’s a lot of work but worth the reward in the end. I’ve have been wanting to get into YouTube marketing for some time now to cash in on all the social media. Just haven’t had the time to get it done yet cause I did not know where to start. So being able to find helpful information about the process and helpful hints on how to make it succeed was great. So if your looking to do some marketing, why not YouTube, it’s a great place to start and it gets tons of traffic on a daily basis. Honestly I am looking forward to getting started.

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